Air Roxy

Air Roxy

We are a Polish family-owned enterprise in the field of domestic and industrial ventilation. We specialize in the production of fans, grilles, ventilation, exhaust systems and accessories.
We established our company in 2011 with the idea to improve the quality of the air we breathe every day. Realizing how important and significant this task is, the first two years were devoted to research, design, construction and testing of our products. When the first systems began to appear on the market in 2013, our belief that the rate of quality was the right choice was confirmed.
Despite the fact that every year we increase the number of products by more than 80%, we maintain the percentage of complaints set in the first year at a level not exceeding 0.1%. The quality of our products is also confirmed by the prestigious TUV SUD certificate. Safety tested, production monitored.
Satisfied customers can already be found on 3 continents in 40 countries. This group is growing significantly every year, and this is due to the fact that we focus on making the products we supply to our consumers friendly.
Friendly (friendly) – means innovative, easy to install, efficient, quiet, maintenance-free and high quality.