VTS was founded in 1996.
Expansion into European markets: Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary 2001 VTS launches in the markets of China, Kazakhstan and the United Arab Emirates
2005 – 2006 Introduction of a new business model. Announcement of the company’s new mission and values: 2007 VTS begins operations in India and Romania.
2011 Merger of VTS and Euroheat brands
2012 New products in the company’s offer: SVS and NVS systems. Opening of a new logistics center in Warsaw.
2013 VTS enters the US market.
2016 New R&D center and Ventus Knowledge Center Re-design central Ventus. New products in the heating line – VOLCANO and WING
2017 New selection programs – CCOL 4 New sales channel – E-commerce Expansion into new Asian markets.
2018 New product in the portfolio – Ventus Compact Introduction of EC engines as a standard solution Entering the Saudi market
2019 New automation for VENTUS systems Intermediate sales channel development – OEMs and dealers Expansion to the following countries in Europe (Western and Southern) and South America.
We are a global company. Our own sales network in more than 20 countries around the world allows us to provide our commercial offer to a growing number of customers.